Dr. B // Gut Health MD - Part 1

Episdoe 5

Fiber Fueled FACTS with Dr. Will B, The Gut Health MD Part 1: The Gut Connection with Weight Loss, Stress, Digestion, Inflammation, Immunity and more

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His book, Fiber Fueled is a New York Times Best Seller

He's a gastroenterologist people can relate to.

-Dr. B’s personal transformation story & how he lost 45lbs

-The Gut Connection to IBS, Leaky Gut, Hormones, Digestion, Mood, Weight Loss, Stress

-Training your gut like a muscle

-Inflammatory TMAO from animal products

-How we’re mostly bacterial cells (not human cells)

-Meat + Dairy affects on the gut

-What foods to include in your life for gut health

-What causes dysbiosis (microbiome imbala