DJ Tiger Lily

Episode 8

(Dara Hayes) Chats Veganism + Life as a world renowned DJ

This Podcast is sponsored by Shani’Seasoning
We’re really excited that our episode today is brought to you by Shani Seasoning: the Vancouver based vegan egg spice that makes every tofu scramble PERFECTION without having to deal with multiple spices.
We love this stuff and it’s a staple in our kitchens.

Get ready for our guest today.

She's a party starter, a passionate vegan, a force of positivity, and a woman of rockin' outfits and so many wigs with a beauty radiating from the inside out.

Her electrifying stage presence and drive to transcend the traditional expectations of a DJ puts her in a league of her own.

She's a true entertainer taking the world by storm and one of the top 10 most engaged Australian acts on social media (with about 600000 in her instagram fam).