The road to the WHISTLER VEGAN FEST has not been a straight line… and we (Julia Murray + Andrea Helleman) have decided we should be documenting the experience in an easily digestible / short-form podcast.

Julia Murray is a co-host on NO MEAT ATHLETE and Andrea hosts her own long-form podcast THE LAWLESS PODCAST. And as two people very passionate about podcasts,  we saw a need to create short (10-15 minute) episodes offering up easily digestible + inspiring chats from our road to the fest -- But so far they have turned into an hour long episodes (because we love to chat).


Look for health, wellness and vegan tips, interviews, and stories of the amazing WHISTLER VEGAN FEST community that has banded together in the form of sponsors, speakers, volunteers, athletes, vendors and passionate voices in the vegan community. A podcast from the mountains (in quarantine) to you. Enjoy + Stay Safe. Join Julia Murray and Andrea Helleman (founders of the Whistler Vegan Fest) as they navigate the road to the fest every week.


(Dara Hayes) Chats Veganism + Life as a world renowned DJ

DJ Tiger Lily

(Dara Hayes) Chats Veganism + Life as a world renowned DJ